Safety nets vs Workdek

This comparison clearly shows why you should choose Workdek.

WORKSAFE recently issued a safety alert around failures resulting in injuries, along with serious health and safety risks when poorly installed nets were used to protect workers against falls from height. Their investigations noted incorrect installation and non-compliant products.

If you’re in any doubt as to whether Nets or Workdek is the best option for your building site, we’ve created this comparison chart for you.

Safety Nets
Meets WORKSAFE’s hierarchy of fall protectionNoYes
It prevents falls from happeningNoYes
You feel like you’re on solid groundNoYes
Reduces stresses on the bodyNoYes
You work twice as fast with itNoYes
Really easy to installNoYes
You feel safe working on itNoYes
It makes jobs more profitableNoYes
Lets you work anywhere on the siteNoYes
Work with heavy tools next to youNoYes
You can safely walk on itNoYes
Stops tools falling onto your team belowNoYes
Is installed and uninstalled by trained installersNoYes
Gain more elevation by placing additional platforms togetherNoYes
Avoids failure due to poor installationNoYes
Ensures safe work methods are followedNoYes
Engineered anchor pointsNoYes
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If nets are tying you down and you need to be more productive, it's time to step up with Workdek.