We knew there had to be a better way to build

Ready for a stable workmate?

We own a building company and like you, constantly experienced the frustrations of working with nets and inferior fall protection systems. Nets rarely stopped items falling through to lower levels and hurting our team, which caused all kinds of health and safety issues and building delays.

We wanted our teams to work at any height at the same speed as they would standing on firm ground. And we wanted them to work safely. This would make our jobs more profitable too. So we started exploring our options but nothing seemed to exist. We first released air bags for the base of our work sites but these were about safety after a fall, not working faster. We wanted to prevent the fall and build faster at any height!

Incidentally, this was in line with Worksafe NZ’s view on the hierarchy of fall protection, which is preventing the fall from happening over capturing the fall.


Work fast, on solid ground, at any height.

We then discovered safety platforms in the UK. They had been used with great success for over a decade. This system prevents falls and allows builders to work safely at any height, as if they were on solid ground.

We made improvements to this platform system and launched Workdek to the building industry with great success. It takes very little time for builders to realise what an amazing performance upgrade Workdek provides.

Now builders can build more, working on a stable work platform at any height. Working twice as fast as they would with competing “solutions” Workdek ensures builders make more money whilst staying safe.

There is a better way for builders to work on all building site levels, quickly, safely and more profitably. Workdek. Build more. Make more.

If nets are tying you down and you need to be more productive, it's time to step up with Workdek.

Builder installing workdek

Installation is as easy as playing with Lego