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Finish your projects safely and twice as fast with Workdek

Workdek is a strong and stable work platform system that’s made from rugged industrial plastic. It makes it possible for builders to work safely and efficiently on stable ground, no matter the height.

Recently launched in New Zealand, work platforms have been used with great success in the U.K for over 10-years. The team at Workdek, who were also builders, brought their vast experience to the table and improved the system to make it better.

The Workdek system components are lightweight and easy to install. Yet once locked into place, they’re incredibly sturdy and durable. With Workdek, builders can move anywhere on a work site with full confidence that Workdek will prevent any potential falls. Once builders work on it they realise that it makes light work of building work.

Workdek is made up of 7 key components

1. The Deck

This helps eliminate the fall by letting builders work safely at any height with their tools. Each deck holds up to 200kg, improves performance and reduces fatigue.

The Deck

2. The Legs

These super-stable legs support the deck system and extend your working height.

The Legs

3. The Cradle

This clever piece of kit is all about strength and stability. It sits at the top of the legs to support the decks.

The Cradle

4. The Foot

The foot anchors the leg and spreads the weight load. It can handle the weight of a Sumo wrestler.

The Foot

5. The Spacer

When the Coupler sits on the main beam the Spacer fills the gaps to make everything snug for extra stability.

The Spacer

6. The Pins

The Pins secure the Coupler, Leg and Deck together to overcome any separation anxiety.

The Pins

7. The Strap.

Lastly, this secures the Workdek system to the frames to minimise movement.

The strap

When everything is set up correctly on site, builders will work twice as fast and be safe in their work.

Setting up Workdek is quick and easy

Before setting up a Workdek system, you need to be fully trained. Alternatively you can hire Workdek to handle the setup and break down for you. You can download Workdek’s detailed installation guide here. The guide includes:

  • Unpacking Workdek
  • Installing Workdek
  • Pack down, care and storage.

Should you buy or hire Workdek?

If you are looking to just try it out, hiring is probably the best option. If you’re already sold on Workdek (everyone is after trying it), and you have more than one project, buying is a great option. Workdek has a growing list of supply partners. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist you can contact them via their website.

Workdek is on the same page as Worksafe NZ

Worksafe NZ endorses Workdek’s view on the hierarchy of fall protection, which is that eliminating the fall is better than capturing the fall. Nets are outdated, unsafe, and counterproductive. And Worksafe NZ has issued safety alerts over the use of nets. Workdek is the alternative, safer solution.

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