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Build with Workdek and you’ll never use nets again

Build with Workdek and you'll never use nets again!

We own a building company and like other builders, we have dealt with the ongoing frustration of using safety nets and other inferior fall protection systems. Before Workdek, fall “prevention” systems didn’t exist. The amount of times safety nets have caused building delays along with health & safety issues is borderline criminal. With Workdek you don’t have to worry about the wellbeing of your team or going into the red due to endless building delays and Health & Safety investigations closing down your building site. Instead, you can boost your profits and build performance with the only fall preventing work platform on the market.

Safety nets aren’t fall prevention

Contrary to popular belief, safety nets aren’t safe at all, nor are they a preventative measure to avoid falls. Safety nets are a facade which give the illusion that your team is safe. When in reality, safety nets are only about meeting health & safety regulations that have never been fit for purpose. Yet due to the lack of safety options on the market for builders, nets have remained the status quo for building sites.

The purpose of safety nets is to decrease the velocity of a fall; they don’t prevent the fall from happening nor do they ensure you or your team will walk away unscathed. Workdek on the other hand is a preventative measure that stops the fall from happening in the first place. This philosophy is directly in line with Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of fall protection which states that preventing the fall is better, and more important, than catching the fall.

Along with this, Workdek can only be installed by professionals who have been trained to do so. This ensures Workdek’s fall prevention approach is designed to ensure the safety of your team. When we say “fall prevention” we hold up our end of the bargain. Safety nets aren’t required to be installed by trained professionals. Builders tend to install safety nets themselves which leads to cutting corners, enabling breaches of health & safety regulations, which lead to avoidable work site accidents.

With Workdek you can build more and make more

After using Workdek, builders say they will never go back to safety nets and other inferior fall protection “safety” systems. Builders say their productivity and profits have improved tenfold since the installation and use of Workdek on their building sites. They also note feeling more at ease, being able to work twice as fast, and enjoy being able to take their heavy duty tools to above and beyond with little to no stress. Being able to work twice as fast while elevated, translates into serious productivity increases which leads to increased profits. Leverage your time and get the best return on investment possible with our modular, panelled safety work platform.

Along with changing builders’ lives for the better, Workdek is also a sustainable approach to building. Workdek is designed to be reused over and over. Our components are made of 100% recyclable plastic. If a component proves faulty it can be sent back and given a new life after melting it down and remoulding. This can be done an infinite amount of times. Plastic is often seen as unsustainable, but with Workdek our panelled system is the gift that keeps on giving. Because we manufacture on demand, nothing goes to waste.

Enhance your building performance

Nets are so last century. It’s time to step up to solid ground with your new stable workmate. Never lose your footing with the only fall prevention system on the New Zealand market that is lightweight, easy to assemble, sturdy, and boosts your profits.

To become a stockist, buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, call us today at 0800 3255 7233 or contact us online.

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