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Introducing the complete system to eliminate falls from height

Nets have been a familiar sight on building sites since 2012. But ultimately, they hinder productivity and aren’t the safety net they’re cracked up to be. This was a common frustration with the builders who developed Workdek, the new stable work mate for builders.

Workdek is a combined, solid working and safety platform that reduces stresses on builders’ bodies whilst eliminating falls. These stable, modular platforms increase efficiencies and safety at any height, and builders can have their heavy duty tools right beside them.

Feedback from the first builders lucky enough to build with Workdek, is they’re working twice as fast, which means they can build more and make more money in the process. Workdek is an absolute game changer for builders.

Level-up your building performance

The people behind Workdek owned a building company, and like other builders, have experienced the frustrations of working with nets and inferior fall protection systems. “Nets rarely stopped items falling through to lower levels and hurting our team, causing all kinds of health and safety issues as well as building delays,” said David from Workdek.

The Workdek team originally developed giant inflatable safety matts for the base of building sites. But they were still the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and they did nothing for builder productivity.

“We wanted our teams to work at any height with the same speed they would when standing on firm ground. And we needed to eliminate costly falls and improve safety for our teams,” said David.

It took new thinking to change the game

After searching high and low for alternatives, the team at Workdek discovered safety platforms in the UK. They had been used with great success for over a decade. This system prevents falls and allows builders to work safely at any height, as if they were on solid ground. Mission accomplished. The Workdek team then made improvements to this platform system and is launching Workdek to the building industry with great success.

Workdek’s modular platforms are made from injection moulded panels which snap together creating a stable work platform at any building height. The decks are supported by a complete system that’s as easy to put together as playing with Lego.

Cost versus value

Whilst Workdek costs more than nets to install, this fee pales into comparison with the increased performance and profitability from working like you’re always on ground level. The improvement to stresses on the body are immeasurable too.

It takes very little time for builders to realise what an amazing performance upgrade Workdek provides. Now builders can build more, working on a stable work platform at any height. Working twice as fast as they would with competing “solutions” Workdek ensures builders make more money whilst staying safe.

Workdek is on the same page as Worksafe NZ

Worksafe NZ endorses Workdek’s view on the hierarchy of fall protection, which is that eliminating the fall is better than capturing the fall. Nets are outdated, unsafe, and counterproductive. And Worksafe NZ has issued safety alerts over the use of nets. Workdek is the solution.

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