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Hiring versus buying Workdek for your next building project

Hiring vs Buying Workdek.

Our panelled safety work platform is made for builders, by builders. Consisting of 7 key components – the deck, legs, cradle, foot, spacer, safety pins, and straps – our system is lightweight, easy to assemble, and sturdy. Made out of injection moulded plastic panels that snap together with ease, our system can be reused as well as recycled. Workdek can be configured for any building site, and even stacked for further elevation. Workdek offers everything that safety nets and other inferior fall prevention systems can’t. It prevents people and objects from falling, which reduces stresses on the body, and increases profits and productivity.

Hiring Workdek

If you have not used Workdek before, hiring before buying can be a good option. While we believe in our product and know it wont take you long to see what a game changer the Workdek system is, it’s understandable to try before you buy to ensure you have full confidence before considering a larger investment.

Be warned though, we guarantee that when you try Workdek you’ll never go back to using safety nets and other inferior fall protection or prevention systems. When you purchase Workdek we can include your company branding on it. This obviously takes longer than hiring or buying something off the shelf. This makes hiring a good option if you can’t wait to ditch safety nets and other inferior fall prevention systems. To determine the quantity of Workdek components needed for your next building project, use our virtual calculator.

If you’re ready to get your hands on a for-hire Workdek system, contact one of our stockists here and we’ll walk you through what happens next.

Buying Workdek

Since launching Workdek to the building community we’ve had great success. It doesn’t take builders long to realise what a revolutionary product that Workdek is for builders. When you have that Eureka moment, and you build a lot, owning the Workdek system becomes a no-brainer because you make your money back over and over. If you ever need spare parts, we keep an assortment at our warehouse. We can also manufacture more parts on demand, which is good if you need a large surplus of stock to ensure you have what you need when you have multiple projects on the go.

Because we have our own building company, we know all about self promotion around building sites. This is why you have the option to include your company logo on your new stable workmate. All we require is that you provide a high resolution image of your logo so we can forward it to our manufacturing team.

As new kids on the block, reaching new heights of success with our safety work platform system, our turnaround time for buying Workdek is presently 8-10 weeks. This is because we manufacture based on demand. However, the turnaround time will be drastically reduced soon thanks to a recent purchase of an NZ-based property that will become our primary manufacturing plant.

If you have some high-demand projects on the go now and you’re itching to get your hands on your new stable workmate you have the option to hire the Workdek system from one of our stockists, while you’re waiting on your own permanent supply.

You can determine the quantity of Workdek components needed for your next building project by using our virtual calculator.

Never lose your footing with Workdek

No matter the height, you’ll always be on stable ground with Workdek. Our work platform focuses on fall prevention, and the increased work efficiencies will have you singing from the rafters. Lightweight, easy to assemble, and most importantly sturdy. You couldn’t ask for more from a fall prevention system. It’s time to step up to enhanced performance with your new stable workmate, Workdek.

To become a stockist, buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, call us today at 0800 3255 7233 or contact us online.

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