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Stand on solid ground while your structure forms around you

Stand on solid ground with Workdek

Our fall preventing work platform, the only of its kind available on the New Zealand market, has been a game changer for the building community by improving productivity, profits, and efficiency. Workdek allows you to stand on solid ground while your structure forms around you. It’s never been easier or faster to build thanks to Workdek providing stability at any height. Builders can move around the build site with full confidence in their safety because they know Workdek has their back from the ground up.

Safety at any elevation

The Workdek system is made up of 7 key components: the deck, legs, cradle, foot, spacer, safety pins, and straps. Each deck panel (and there’s many of them in a single platform) can hold up to 250kg which means your heavy duty tools can go wherever you do. For extra stability, safety pins are placed between each of the panels to ensure there is no separation anxiety between the components.

Workdek is easy to install, however it must be installed by professionals trained to do so. Once trained, Workdek is as easy to install as it is to play with Lego. Every component has its place. And it all fits together perfectly to create unprecedented levels of work speed and comfort. The fall preventing work platform is incredibly lightweight yet sturdy, and can even be stacked for further elevation.

Created for builders by builders, we know exactly what it takes to improve building practices. Workdek was created with a firm philosophy of preventing falls while increasing efficiency and profits along the way. Whereas safety nets and other inferior safety systems focus on catching potential falls. Our product’s strategy is directly in line with Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of fall protection which states it’s better to prevent the fall from happening in the first place than it is to catch the fall. Worksafe NZ are responsible for protecting the rights and wellbeing of Kiwi workers which gives them, and ultimately Workdek, clout.

To see how Workdek looks on-site, view our gallery here.

How Workdek works for you

Workdek makes light work of building work. Let our panelled work platform do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Proven to improve building performance and efficiency, Workdek helps builders to leverage their time. With Workdek you’ll be able to work twice as fast while reducing stresses on your body.

Hypervigilance induced by safety nets leads to health problems, deteriorating your team’s well-being little by little everyday. By investing a bit more money upfront for your Workdek safety platform, you’re investing in your team’s health which ultimately protects and prolongs their livelihood. Also, your return on investment far outweighs the almost insignificant increase in safety costs compared to nets. After trying our work platform, builders say they’ll never go back to using “safety” nets and other inferior fall protection systems. Do you appreciate your builders? Show them by installing Workdek on your build sites today.

Step up with Workdek, the best fall prevention system on the market

It’s time to say goodbye to safety nets and other inferior fall protection systems. There’s a new kid on the block and it’s helping builders build more of them. Unlock your building potential and elevate work performance with your new stable workmate, Workdek.

To become a stockist, buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, call us today at 0800 3255 7233 or contact us online.

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