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The 7 components of Workdek that make it your your new stable workmate

The 7 Components of Workdek.

All of Workdek’s key components are made from rugged, industrial plastic which has been melted down and injected into moulds to create a simple, easy-to-install, panelled work platform. The Workdek components are lightweight, yet when properly assembled, become as sturdy as the actual build in progress. To keep moving parts to a minimum and with a simple approach to building, Workdek’s work platform system only consists of 7 simple but key components. Let’s look at these components here.

  1. The Deck

The most familiar and recognisable component of our Workdek system, is the deck. These are the large, flat, modular pieces that clip together to help form the overall platform that you walk across. The deck helps eliminate stresses on the body and potential falls by letting builders work safely at any height with their tools. This improves building performance and reduces fatigue as you work. Each deck can support up to 250kg which means you don’t have to go down to ground level to get anything you need -- everything’s right there with you.

  1. The Legs

Workdek’s legs are incredibly stable, especially when supported by the feet. The legsextend your working height and exist to support the decks that make up the work platform system. These legs may be likened to chicken legs but their strength is nationally praised by builders who rely on them daily to double their work output.

  1. The Cradle

This piece of kit is a key component to ensuring strength and stability. The cradle sits atop the legs and supports the decks by keeping the corners of four decks together. This overlap of components helps secure everything in place.

  1. The Foot

Each foot anchors a leg and exists to help spread the overall weight load. They are planted firmly into the ground and can quite literally handle the weight of a sumo wrestler. With Workdek you’ll never have to worry about losing your footing.

  1. The Spacer

When the coupler sits on the main beam, the spacer is responsible for filling any possible gaps. This ensures everything is snug and provides extra stability to the work platform by preventing any unnecessary movement.

  1. The Pins

The pins are responsible for securing the coupler, leg and deck together. This ensures everything stays together. Pins should be applied as you assemble to ensure you don’t miss out on maximising the stability of your work platform.

  1. The Straps

Lastly, the straps are the bow on the present. They firmly secure the Workdek system to the build frames which minimises any potential movement created by builders walking across the work platform.

These 7 key components come together to create your new stable workmate – Workdek. With our advanced work platform you’ll be able to take your heavy duty tools anywhere, boost your team’s productivity, and make your builds more profitable. Workdek can only be installed by trained professionals, and personal protective gear should be worn at all times to ensure safety on all fronts.

To view our full installation guide, click here.

Step up with Workdek

It’s time to upgrade your building game. Our system is as easy to install and the work on as it is to play with Lego. Now you can cut your build times in half and double your profits with Workdek.

When builders or building managers first see Workdek, they intellectually understand the system. It’s not until they physically get onto a Workdek platform that they have their serious lightbulb moment and demand to work on Workdek for all future jobs. Once you try Workdek you won’t look back, and you especially won’t rely on inferior Safety Nets to protect your team and make building faster.

To buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, visit or call 0800 3255 7233 today.

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