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Eliminating falls is just one of Workdek’s benefits

Builders are always facing huge workloads and tight deadlines. They’re under more pressure to motor through their workloads as efficiently as possible but often this can mean worker safety is compromised.

Workdek exists to make builders more efficient by allowing them to work safely at any height on stable ground. It’s a simple but strong and stable platform system that was created for builders by builders. It’s strength is in its solid, modular construction system that can be easily configured to work on any building site.

Long gone are the days of counterproductive nets and safety hazards. Instead, say hello to Workdek’s stable, modular platform that allows you to work twice as fast at any height. You can even take your tools and machinery to the heavens without fear, because each Workdek deck holds 200KGs.

Make Light Work of Building Work With Workdek

Workdek supplies modular, stable work platforms to builders who need to work efficiently and safely at any height. Preventing the fall is better than capturing the fall. Working on the Workdek platform is as stable and fast as working on the ground. The added benefit is significantly reduced stresses on the body. This means builders can work twice as fast as builders on sites that have inferior, competing products, and they feel better after a day’s work.

Better productivity, better profit

Workdek lets your team build with a sense of urgency without fear of falling. Doubling building speed without doubling staff lets you build more and make more money. In effect Workdek is your ultimate leverage tool to increase profitability.

Work anywhere, anytime, safely

Because you’re always on solid ground at any height with Workdek, you’ll always be able to find your footing without thinking about it. The added benefit is your work can be completed twice as fast because you can walk anywhere and take your tools and machinery with you.

The best builder-focused performance and protection system

Other inferior, competitive systems either don’t focus on preventing accidents on-site and/or are limited in their features to help builders to work more efficiently. Thanks to Workdek, the industry now has the ultimate tool to improve productivity, agility, efficiency and safety.

Workdek lets builders build more properties because their productivity increases by at least 50%. Common feedback from builders who have been fortunate enough to use Workdek on their builds include:

“This is an absolute game changer!”
“With Workdek, we’re now working twice as fast.”
“We’re now more efficient and my team’s guaranteed not to fall.”

That’s high but warranted praise. As well as eliminating falls whilst builders work at any height, Workdek often doubles the building process.

Workdek and Worksafe NZ are on the same page

Workdek’s approach is aligned with Worksafe NZ’s views. They state that eliminating the fall is better than capturing the fall, and Worksafe NZ has recently issued safety alerts over the use of nets.

Get Workdek working for you

By working more efficiently and literally adding more builds to their schedule, builders can safely make more money with Workdek. Workdek is now being hired and sold to Scaffolding companies, builders and large construction companies who quickly see what a powerful tool Workdek is for their teams.

There is a better way for builders to work on all building site levels, quickly, safely and more profitably. Workdek. Build more. Make more.

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