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The Story of Workdek

The Story of Workdek.

Workdek is a modular work platform system made out of recycled, injected plastic which allows builders to work on stable ground no matter the height. Made up of 7 key components, our panelled system is modular so it can fit any size building project, which means quick assembly and little to no waste on-site. Workdek also eliminates the need for safety nets and scaffolding. With the winning combination of being lightweight, easy to assemble, and incredibly sturdy, Workdek is a builder’s perfect dream.

Made for builders, by builders

We own a building company and like you, experienced the disappointment of using safety nets and other inferior fall protection systems. The inadequacy of safety nets has resulted in countless health & safety issues and building delays, not only for our team, but for the building industry as a whole. Fed up with using the same system and expecting a different result, we knew there had to be a better way to build. Our team started looking into alternative fall protection systems. Through a long trial and error process, we discovered safety platforms in the UK. These platforms had been used with great success for over a decade. After making the necessary improvements to the work platform system, we introduced Workdek to New Zealand’s building industry.

Workdek was created to take you to the next level. While builders are skeptical at first, once they step up to solid ground anywhere on their building site, it doesn’t take them long to see what a revolutionary product Workdek is for the building community. Workdek allows builders to work alongside their heavy duty tools, no matter the height. Prevent falls, reduce stresses on the body and work twice as fast with our superior fall prevention system. Give your team the confidence they deserve by allowing them to work safely at the same speed they would standing on firm ground.

Why you can have full confidence in Workdek’s stability

While safety nets are the industry standard, they don’t stop items from falling through to lower levels, potentially hurting your team. Workdek eliminates falls of both people and tools, which is much more important than catching the fall. This is directly in line with Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of fall prevention which states that preventing the fall from happening over capturing the fall is more important. If you’re going to trust anyone’s word, it should be the organisation working tirelessly to ensure worker’s safety and rights in Aotearoa.

Workdek was created to enhance performance without compromising safety, and we ended up developing the safest fall prevention system on the market. After trying Workdek, builders say they’ll never go back to using safety nets and other inferior fall protection systems. Our system has forever changed the building game by offering everything safety nets can’t. Along with improving efficiency and safety, Workdek also reduces stresses on the body and makes jobs more profitable. With Workdek, you can build more and make more.

Our Workdek safety work platform system can only be installed by trained professionals, so you can have confidence in its stability. To download our installation guides, click here. To learn more about training, click here.

Step up to solid ground at any height with Workdek

Workdek allows your team to work on all building site levels, quickly, safely and more profitably. If you’re tired of nets tying you down, it’s time to step up with Workdek. Take the first step to increased building performance and maximum safety with the best fall prevention system on the New Zealand market. To buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, call us today at 0800 3255 7233 or contact us online.

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