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What is Workdek

What is Workdek.

Workdek is a modular work platform designed for builders, by builders. Made out of injection moulded plastic panels, our system is a builder’s wet dream – lightweight, easy to assemble, and most of all, sturdy.

Workdek has changed the building game by offering everything safety nets can’t. Its 7 key components – the deck, legs, cradle, foot, spacer, safety pins, and straps – are installed by trained professionals and can be configured for any building site in three easy steps. To download our installation guides, click here.

Made for builders, by builders

Behind Workdek is a team of builders who were fed up with safety nets as well as with items falling through netting to the team below. This caused an uneasy stream of health and safety issues, not to mention reports to fill and prolonged building delays. We got to a point where we were tired of all the daily frustrations of inferior fall protection systems. We knew there had to be a better way to build – and we were determined to find it.

When researching alternatives to safety netting, we had certain criteria we needed to fill. Aside from safety, we wanted to work at any height with the same speed we would working on stable ground. We initially tried airbags around the base of our work sites but these only covered safety after a fall. Airbags didn’t prevent falls, nor did they help us work faster.

We couldn’t find anything like what we needed to take everything to the next level in New Zealand. That is until we discovered a great system in the UK that had real success. Even this system wasn’t perfect. We wanted to improve on that system so we went through a lot of trial and error to get to a product we were proud of and knew would be perfect for working conditions in New Zealand. The result is Workdek, a new stable work platform.

Workdek was created and improved on by a Kiwi building company as the ultimate stable workmate. We forged a way to prevent falls, help builders work faster, and boost profits. Our philosophy is also in line with Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of fall protection – which is that it’s better to prevent the fall from happening than it is to capture it.

Stable ground at any height

Builders face massive workloads with tight deadlines. The pressure to find more efficient ways to build grows daily, but this often means compromising your workers’ safety. With Workdek there’s no compromise on safety. Other safety systems don’t focus on preventing falls, they focus on capturing and minimising the fall. However this philosophy doesn’t guarantee workers walk away unscathed.

With Workdek you can work twice as fast and twice as profitably with a work platform so stable, you feel like you’re on solid ground. Builders don’t need to put unnecessary stress on their body day-in and day-out like they used to. Workdek helps them make light work of building work. Investing in your team’s health will ultimately increase your wealth. Builders who use Workdek say our system is a game changer, that productivity increases by at least 50% when using Workdek on their building sites, and that they’ll never go back to using safety nets or any other inferior safety system.

Say hello to your new stable workmate

It’s time to level up your building performance with Workdek. You’ll never lose your footing with Workdek. You don’t need to be tied down by counterproductive nets any longer. We’ve created a new system that improves on-site movement, allows you to work with your tools next to you, and prevents falls. Build more and make more with Workdek.

To buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, visit or call 0800 3255 7233 today.

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