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Workdek’s sustainable approach to building

Workdek's sustainable approach to building

More than ever we have to look at how our business decisions affect the climate and evaluate how we can do better. Workdek follows the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle – which have long been considered the cornerstones of sustainability philosophy. By following the 3 Rs we know our product is as ethical as possible for the environment while continuing to provide builders with the safety work platform that helps them boost their productivity and profits. Consisting of 7 key components – the deck, legs, cradle, foot, spacer, safety pins, and straps – our safety work platform is made of moulded, injected plastic. Workdek can be configured for any building site, and if necessary, stacked for further elevation onsite.

Let’s look at how we meet these key sustainability criteria.


Workdek reduces waste by manufacturing our product based on demand rather than ordering how much product we wish we were selling. This means less production manufacturing which limits our carbon footprint and prevents excess products from sitting in a warehouse to gather dust. By only manufacturing what our clients need, we can avoid letting product, energy, and materials go to waste. While we only provide what you need, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering enough Workdek components to supply multiple building projects that are under construction simultaneously. To determine the amount of components needed for your next building project, use our virtual calculator.


Our safety work platform was created to be reusable and easy to assemble. Because our modular panelled platform is made out of 7 key components, mixing and matching to the pattern is as easy as playing with Lego. Everything fits where it’s supposed to. All components are incredibly durable and harmoniously come together to form your new stable workmate. Workdek’s reusable nature coupled with the requirement of being installed by a trained professional means you’ll never feel puzzled by extra components that don’t seem to fit. The only case where Workdek cannot be reused is when components become defective, which in our experience is a very rare occurrence. In this instance, the faulty component(s) can be recycled and new ones on hand used or ordered in quickly.


The Workdek system is made out of injection moulded plastic which is 100% recyclable. This means none of the product we manufacture goes to waste. On the rare occurrence a component is faulty, the piece is returned to the factory to be recycled. Components are recycled by melting them down in order to be remoulded for further use. Because all of our components are made of the same recyclable material, it is a simple process to melt down and remake what’s necessary. While many plastics and scaffolding aren’t fit for recycling, Workdek is. We’ve baked into our philosophy the importance of getting the most out of man-made materials and therefore our product.

Win, win, win

With a fall prevention system that meets the 3 Rs cornerstone of sustainability, we manage to reduce waste and conserve resources while providing builders with a system that works for them. Workdek is the perfect workmate – lightweight, easy to assemble, sturdy, and sustainable. Let Workdek do the heavy lifting so you can build more and make more.

To become a stockist, buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, call us today at 0800 3255 7233 or contact us online.

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