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4 Reasons to Choose Workdek for Your Next Building Project

4 Reasons to Build with Workdek.

For far too long, builders have had to rely on inferior systems to minimise health and safety risks when working on building sites. One of the big players in the Safety space has been Safety Nets. Yet Safety Nets fall short of Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of falls guidelines which dictates that preventing the fall is always better than capturing the fall. Safety Nets have been the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff -- and not a very good one at that.

There’s no good reason to keep using outdated safety nets and other inferior systems when there is a far superior approach to safety and building practices. Quite simply, Safety Nets are counterproductive and unsafe. There’s a much better, new way to build, with Workdek.

Workdek provides everything safety nets can’t. There are thousands of reasons to choose Workdek for your next build, but to save writing a book, we’ve narrowed our list down to four. Let’s dive in and see why you should choose Workdek for your next building project.

  1. Increase Productivity, Make More Bank

When you work on Workdek, it’s like you’re working on solid ground, no matter the height. When you install Workdek on your building site, you can take your heavy duty tools anywhere on the site you desire. This means no more tedious trips up-and-down from where you’re working to get what you need. Each deck that makes up the platform can hold 250Kg so you can have everything you need at your side. By cutting out unnecessary interruptions you can boost yours and your team’s productivity. And a productive team means more profitable builds. Workdek is a win, win, win.

  1. Work Anywhere, Anytime, Safely

Workdek provides a surface so stable, you’ll feel like you’re on solid ground no matter the height. By reducing stresses on the body, your team will be more productive and profitable. Workdek can be assembled on any site, at any height. You don’t have to worry about working at dawn or dusk. With Workdek you’ll never lose your footing and you won’t have to worry about where you’re placing your feet.

  1. Building Is Easy and Faster with Workdek

Workdek makes light work of building work. Workdek is easy to install, and faster than safety nets. By doubling your work speed you can get builds done faster and leverage your time. Not only is Workdek safer, it’s an investment that will keep on giving. You won’t find a better return on investment. With Workdek you simply build more, make more.

  1. Workdek Was Created Especially for Builders

Because Workdek was created by a group of builders, we understand your needs. We understand your points of frustration with Safety Nets and other inferior fall protection systems. Workdek was made for our team, but when we discovered how much better it was we knew we had to revolutionise the New Zealand market. Every builder who tries building with Workdek says they’ll never go back to using safety nets or anything else. The results are that dramatic.

To view our full comparison chart between Wordek and Safety Nets, click here.

Switch to solid ground and make building a pleasure again.

There’s no way to justify putting your team in harm’s way with safety nets and other inferior safety systems. Workdek is a complete game changer for builders. You’ll feel grounded and will enjoy better safety; you’ll work on more projects and you’ll be more profitable.

To buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, visit or call 0800 3255 7233 today.

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