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Workdek Versus Safety Nets

Workdek vs Safety Nets

Safety nets have long been considered the go-to for builders and scaffolders, however this is largely due to it being the only safety measure available on the market. Thanks to recent developments in the New Zealand safety and work platform scene, more and more tradies are stepping up to solid ground at any height with Workdek. When builders find out they can build more (up to double their output) and make more money with the Workdek system, their business and team morale improves tenfold.

What’s the difference between Workdek and Safety Nets?

Workdek is a stable, modular, easy-to-install platform designed by builders, for builders. Inspired by existing work platforms in use in the UK for over 10 years, our system is made up of 7 key components which are as easy to assemble as Lego. Workdek allows teams to move quickly and safely across building sites with all their tools, increasing productivity and profits as they go.

Safety Nets are large, flexible, plastic nets installed on building sites to ensure safety while builders are elevated on the build site. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, and give falling people/objects time to decelerate before meeting the ground. While Safety Nets are the status quo in the construction industry, they’re not as safe as you’d think and fall outside of Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of falls guidelines, where preventing the fall is better than capturing the fall.

To view our full comparison chart between Workdek and Safety Nets, click here.

Why is Workdek better than Safety Nets?

Unlike Workdek, safety nets don’t prevent builders from dropping their tools to the ground below, potentially hitting other team members. This means tedious trips up-and-down for their tools which hinder productivity. Safety Nets can’t be walked across, nor do they prevent falls from happening in the first place. If you do fall onto a Safety Net, there’s no guarantee of avoiding injury. Nets are typically installed below an acceptable standard by untrained individuals, and without brackets that can withstand shock loading. Builders know this, which adds to the stresses on their body when working on-site. Safety nets don’t do anything to improve safety, body stresses, productivity, or profitability.

On the other hand, Workdek is installed by trained professionals and meets Worksafe NZ’s hierarchy of fall protection to the letter. Both Workdek and Worksafe NZ share the philosophy that it’s better to eliminate the fall altogether than it is to capture it. Safety Nets are seen as a formality, but your team’s safety should never be as simple as a checklist, it should be part of your culture.

When your team feels safe, they’re more productive. Higher productivity leads to more profitable builds and more time to double your workload. Workdek prevents falls, and can be walked across with full confidence in its stability. With solid ground no matter the height, you can take your tools to above and beyond without concern for your team’s safety. While Safety Nets are cheaper than Workdek, the cost difference pales in comparison when compared to the seriously increased performance and profitability that Workdek allows. Not only is Workdek safer than Safety Nets, it’s also easier and faster to install. The majority of builders who try Workdek say they’ll never go back to using Safety Nets, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to reduce stresses on the body, double your working speed, and double your profits. Make light work of building work with Workdek.

To view our full comparison chart between Workdek and Safety Nets, click here.

Farewell, Safety Nets

It’s time to say goodbye to being tied down by counterproductive, out of date Safety Nets which do more harm than good. Say hello to your new stable workmate, Workdek; it’ll never let you down. To buy or hire Workdek for your next building project, visit or call 0800 3255 7233 today.

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